14. Januar 2019

Liebes Sternschnüppchen. Hiermit hat sich Agnes Manifestation, zwei Workshops im Ausland zu geben, schon erfüllt. Im Mai werden wir zum zweiten Mal Theta Healing Basis DNA Kurs hier bei mir anbieten. Morgen oder Übermorgen werde ich meine Manifestationen deutlich überarbeiten, denn diese Art von Synchronicity wünsche ich mir auch.

Heute, an diesem Tag ist auch meine zweite Tochter einen Schritt weiter in Richtung Erwachsenen sein gesprungen. Ich habe dich lieb meine Tochter.

Und passend zur Feier des Tages wurde Queen Mab geboren.

B116 – Royal Blue / Magenta

Born 14th January, 2019 at 14:00pm GMT

Royal Blue invites us to see ourselves more clearly, and rather than focusing on the external projections of ourselves, it supports us to look within. As the Royal Blue is now linked in this bottle with the Magenta in its bright form, not Deep Magenta as in B0, it is also encouraging us to look without judgement at what we see in ourselves. This bottle marks a very significant shift in relation to the system of Aura-Soma. To me it’s really part of the new beginnings of what Beyond Colour has been all about. It gives us the indication that really Aura-Soma is for those who wish to re-member themselves, to pull together the parts to be in the position to be able to bring the different aspects of our being together. Putting less emphasis on what we think about things or how it is we feel and to perceive those aspects of our being as the passing clouds behind the clear blue sky of mind. The crystal clarity of the mind itself in terms of the night sky is reflected in the conscious level of this bottle, the upper fraction. The unconscious/subconscious aspect, the Magenta shows us how important it is that we put our caring, our warmth, our love in to the little things, how it is that we begin to manifest that compassion towards ourselves with others how it is that we might find the way to overcome our differences. The Magenta supports the possibility of integration within ourselves, the integration of the discrepancies of the inner conflicts which we inevitably see as we begin to penetrate deeper into looking in to ourselves at the deeper levels of ourselves.

The birthing process in terms of my awareness came prior to December 14th, became actualised on December 14th and has continued to grow until it is that this birth has taken place. Queen Mab is the Queen of the Fairies.

Queen Mab has appeared in many different theological and artistic works, she is referred to by Shakespeare in ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and frequently in Irish lore under the name of Mab along with, Maebh, Medb and Maeve. Medb is known as a Celtic Sovereignty Goddess of War and Fertility. In many texts she is referred to as having sexual prowess and dominance. Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote an epic moral poem called ‘Queen Mab’ in which he refers to her as ‘Queen of Spells’.


I am the Fairy Mab: to me ‘tis given

The wonders of the human world to keep:

The secrets of the immeasurable past,

In the unfailing consciences of men,

Those stern, unflattering chroniclers, I find:

The future, from the causes which arise

In each event, I gather: not the sting

Which retributive memory implants

In the hard bosom of the selfish man;

Nor that extatic and exulting throb

Which virtue’s votary feels when he sums up

The thoughts and actions of a well-spent day,

Spirit of Nature! here!

In this interminable wilderness

Of worlds, at whose immensity

Even soaring fancy staggers,

Here is thy fitting temple.

Yet not the lightest leaf

That quivers to the passing breeze

Is less instinct with thee:

Yet not the meanest worm

That lurks in graves and fattens on the dead

Less shares thy eternal breath.

Spirit of Nature! thou!

Imperishable as this scene,

Here is thy fitting temple.

The birth of Queen Mab falls between two eclipses making this a very poignant time for the birth of a new bottle. The partial solar eclipse on January 5th signifies that many possibilities are available and we can start afresh, cleansing old behaviour patterns in order that we are able to make progress.

With Love and Light


Ein wunderbarer Tag neigt sich dem Ende entgegen. Feldenkreis gestartet. Das erste Mal theta healing heute Morgen erfolgreich an Alina angewandt. Agnes Arbeit mit Alina. Der Anfang einer neuen SoulCollage® Karte.

Und für morgen… liebes Sternschnüppchen. Ich möchte mir Zeit nehmen, die Manifestationen mit Agne genau durchzuarbeiten, denn dann kann ich sie loslassen, wie auch meine Knien… 🙂