(English) My Mayan Signs

It all started with my daughter finding our photo album from our holiday in Mexico. Back in the days people used real cameras with real films to take real photos that were than developed. I had glued them into an album. So my daughter had found it and wanted to hear about the holiday.

In 1993 – over ten years ago – we went to Mexico so see, smell and be in the Mayan culture. I had wanted to see the pyramids, but not the ones in Egypt, no it had to be the ones in Mexico. Until today I don’t know why, but I felt this strong desire to go there. I was captivated by those Maya sites, the architecture, the stories behind, the Maya calender and all the myths going along – apart from the one saying the world was coming to an end on the 21st December 2012 because that was the day the Mayan calender stopped. I never believed in that. And as we can see by reading this – the world still exists.

Anyway coming back to the present, we showed our children those photos and remembered that we had bought some books about the Mayan signs. I was curious, we found this site and these are my results.

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‚The Day sign shows your typical attributes. …Your Day sign provides you with your life mission that includes your strong and weak aspects…. This sign guides you and reminds you of your spiritual essence and personal mission …‘

Mine is Death/Cimi. Apparently I have a soft and feminine character. I have more the feeling of having a hard and male character, but who knows. I am ’smart, wise and romantic‘ – that’s true. My ‚emotional intelligence will bring success‘ maybe later in my life. I haven’t seen so much of that yet. And then I will ‚become a respected and successful business person‘. What hit me most was that I am ‚well protected from accidents and sudden death. Illness will not happen unless [I] create it‘. So there it is, and I mean that in no way sarcastic, when I have been talking about my illness, I made sure I would say: „I made this – I created this.“. It might sound gloomy, but it doesn’t feel like it. I take responsibility for my illness. Either I tried to tell myself something, or I tried to learn something, or … I guess we all try to find a meaning in things „that happen to us“. I tried to stop thinking in that way. Nothing just happens to me, I am part of it happening either by allowing it to happen, or by inviting the experience, or by ill thinking about myself.

The Death sign symbolizes transformation, the soul’s evolution and the death of the ego. My ego is definitely not dead yet. I still have dreams that aren’t all that spiritual and soul seeking. My challenge is ‚having faith, to give up being a victim‘. Well that’s interesting. Faith and victim in one sentence. I don’t feel like a victim. I am not sure I ever have. But I have lost faith and I am trying to tap back into the Source of faith. The solution ‚being beneficial to society‘ I am living. I am doing some volunteering, I am doing some social work. How me being beneficial to society will give me my faith back, I am not sure yet.

My Galactic Tone is 4. The tone ‚reveals the relationship between us and the divine plan….the tone is more like a mission given to you. This is the energy you radiate to the people, society and the universe.‘

I have nice things in that list. With ‚understanding, reflective energy, balancing, thoroughly thinking, regrouping, allowing‘ I agree. I think I have those qualities. But ‚healing, calm energy‘  I am still looking for.

My Trecana sign is Night/Akbal. The Trecana sign gives us the integral information about who we are. The Day sign ‚is 75% and your Trecana Sign is 25% effective. If we compare the personality to a picture, the Day Sign will describe what is in the foreground, which is your face. The Trecana Sign describes what is on the background of the picture and this tells us about your personality‘.

As a Night, I ‚like to start everyday with new hopes‘. That is true. I am supposed to have a ‚flexible and strong mind. Home life and family is very important…‘ Both things are true for me. Since I have children they are my highest priority. And in the spirit of our upcoming world travel is ‚like living on the edge‘ an understatement. If I believe that is written here, then I no longer have to search for my life purpose, which is ‚find the light in the darkness and share it with humanity‘. I guess one of the motivations to write a blog was just that. On one hand it gives me the opportunity to reflect more deeply about certain topics and if you were to read it, maybe it might inspire or even help you on your journey.

Well the Mayas were a complex society and so are their signs. Those three are not enough. According to the Mayans there is a ‚direct relationship between human beings and the universe. They believe that in the source of the universe, there is a living tree expanding into four directions‘.

tree‚The Past and the Destiny Sign… help you with your spiritual growth. Your childhood has been under the influence of the Past Sign till 12 to 13 years of age. After that you go under the influence of the Day Sign… From the age of 40, you would be under the effect of the Destiny Sign. In this way, you are given a new mission in your life‘.

My Past Sign is the Knife/Etznab. For me to relate to the interpretations would mean I remember how I was until the age of 13. It’s true, I was ‚hard working‘ and it is also true that I ‚tended to see the world as black and white‘. I did solve difficult problems also by ‚over reacting and finishing the relationship abruptly‘.

Now being over 40 my new mission should be driven by my Destiny Sign Jaguar/Ix. I am a spiritual person and it plays an important role in my life. ‚Jaguar energy is feminine in nature and is the ruling spirit of the plains, mountains and forests‘. But I l love the water, the ocean and don’t care so much for mountains and forests.

The remaining two signs of the tree are the Male and the Female Sign. ‚The Female Sign is your introvert side; Yin, is your passive side that does not come to the surface very often. … The Male Sign, Yang, is your outgoing and active side. It becomes apparent during your professional relationship and those involving power struggles. It is the side you show to the world. It also affects your career life.

My Female Sign is Road/Ed. So apparently is is me at home… my hidden introvert passive me: ‚practical way of thinking… accomplish your goals and are very competitive, you avoid confrontation… you are a traveler, agreeable and idealistic‘.  ‚Being on the road symbolizes being on a spiritual journey and growing as well as traveling and learning. As a Road sign, you discover your potentials outside the boundaries of your country. Through interactions with people from other countries, you find your place in life. You may choose to live where you can make a living and a career… Also having a relationship or marriage with a partner from a foreign country may be very suitable and good for you‘. Born in the former GDR, lived and worked in the UK for 7 years in three different cities and probably 7 different flats, moved then back to Germany for a couple of years and now living and working in Switzerland and being married to a Swiss might match the description.

My Male Sign is Light/Ahau, which is my outgoing, active and career side. I am ‚gentle, well-intentioned and generous… also courageous, intelligent and have a strong self-confidence… imaginative and have strong inner ideals‘. And it is also true that I am ’stubborn‘. The Aztecs apparently saw this sign for the poets, singers, dancers and creative artists. Well I am neither a poet, nor can I sing or dance. I could call myself a creative artists who doesn’t earn any money from it. And to wrap it up ‚In this life time you are going through many life lessons.‘ Which life lessons come to mind I may wonder?

  • Everything changes constantly.
  • Nothing last forever (isn’t that a song?)
  • Dream big
  • Nobody is perfect – not even me
  • Always tell the truth as you see it
  • Love hurts (that is definitely a song)