New-ProductI have been a leadership consultant and coach for over ten years. My newest collaboration is with the Glasgow based Dance Artist Satya Dunning.

Both of us feel passionate about sustainable change and personal development.

Our training program is directed at middle and top managers and will focus on mid- and long-term sustainable change. It will allow continuous reflection on the progress made and on the next steps to take. We will offer tools to power excellence and performance and apply changing awareness and perception in order to make fast pace decisions and perform effectively and sustainably in a time of constant change. Satya and I will be drawing on our skills and expertise in NLP, Nonviolent Communication and the body’s resources to allow the participants to have new insights into their own core values, behavior patterns and aspirations.

Through a field of mutual respect this training program gives the possibility of learning from fellow participants and to feel inspired by their experiences.

The goal is to accelerate in your own well being and work performance.

For more detailed information, please contact me.