SoulCollage® is an intuitive process that was developed by Seena Frost in the late 1980s as a gentle way into our inner world. It can be used as an art form, as a meditation or as a method for self development and empowerment. As a holistic approach to self growth it has the potential of connecting people, teams and organisations and can be used as a way to solve problems, to find answers to questions, to uncover hidden resources and potential.
The participants will be led through the process of making their first SoulCollage® card. Once they hold it in their hands, they will begin to work with it assuming that this card will help their understanding of the relationships between their personality parts, them and their family and them and their dreams.
The workshop will give the participants a glimpse of the potential of this process in a very experiential manner. This work is suitable for all. No prior experience or special skills are required – only openness and curiosity.