Girls Gearing Up – Special Edition

Ariel Gan is with her 21 years a very articulate young woman who know what she wants in life and where she sees her opportunity to change the world for a better. Having participating in GGU she learned the importance of sisterhood and during the mentoring program she mastered the skill of public speaking. Ariel is originally from China. At the age of 10 she moved from this authoritarian country to a democratic one – to Germany. This change reshaped her thinking. Because things were no longer prescribed to her, she struggled immensely with freedom in the beginning. Gradually, exposure to different thoughts and culture changed her personality. In many ways, this drastic switch to another very different system also drew her toward the social sciences, particularly politics. After 10 years in Germany, Ariel moved two years ago to the Netherlands to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics BSc. In her free time, she is always looking for fun projects, such as book writing, interning and so on.

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