If you start to take a pile of perfectly well folded clean towels apart to fold them to perfection, you know you have turned into your mother – sorry mum.

This is how I started this lovely Saturday. Unfolding and re-folding clean towels so the pile would look nicer. Afterwards my day of administration started. It was raining outside really heavily so we didn’t feel like doing anything but staying inside. The girls were reading and skyping with my parents and I was finishing the bookkeeping from the previous month, answered all unanswered emails, did the bookkeeping for the ‘Ferienpass’, sent out reminders, cleaned our bedroom, emptied our mess from another room, did some more washing, went shopping, had breakfast at 10:30 and lunch/dinner at 17:00 and that was it. Now it is 20:30 and I have virtually no idea where my day went. Somebody took it.  Stop the thief!!!!

One really remarkable thing happened. My very very first proper SoulCollage® article got published today and went out to ALL FACILITATORS around the world. Now I am famous. 🙂 If you are curious have a read


Why do people have children? Clearly, so they can do the work while the parents relax