Bookkeeping. Good conversation with a hug. Long drive south. Good-bye kids.

There is not much to say about today. This morning I planted receipts on the lounge floor. What I just couldn’t do the day before in the office, I could do at home. I started spreading them. That way it was easier to find the receipts that I was looking for. And although it might sound really boring or tedious, I actually really enjoyed myself. I love to turn chaos into order. And I did a fair amount of progress that morning. So I am proud of myself.

Then for lunch I cooked myself some Cullerne Garden food: pink potatoes cooked with broad beans and then mashed both. With a bit of butter and soft cheese – lovely. And I was lucky, James had his lunch around the same time, so both of us could sit at the kitchen table, spend some time together talking. And it was good to talk and eat together and at the end I got my hug that I had “requested” 🙂 the previous afternoon during our kitchen shift.

The afternoon was filled with getting ready for the w’end, which meant packing bags, preparing sandwiches, snacks, packing the car, waiting for the girls to come back from school and them just changing into their normal clothes. It had been planned that Stéphane, who had been abroad that week, would take the bus from Inverness Airport to Forres, BUT, his flight from London was nearly two hours late, so he called and we picked him up from the airport on the way to Glasgow.

The next hours were spend in the car, answering the question: “Are we already there?” And Alina reading off the GPS how much longer it would take to get to Satya. She was so excited to visit Satya and to stay there for the w’end and to have an avocado party. 🙂 By the way this is was our way down.

After a division just before Glasgow which costed us another 30 minutes, we arrived at Satya’s place around 9 pm and since I had to double park the car, we said our good-byes quickly and then drove off to our accommodation in Dumbarton. There we were expected by our airbnb host Anne. And although it was already nearly 10 pm and we were all tired, we had a nice cup of tea with each other and talked for a while. Anne comes actually originally from Elgin, which is very near to Findhorn, also did the Experience Week a few years ago, so we shared naturally a lot of common points. But finally my tiredness took the better of me and it was bed time.


Just before we gave the kids away 🙂