We woke up in this amazing airbnb accommodation, Stéphane bought some fresh bread from the local bakery and we had breakfast on the terrace. This is bliss. Around 10:20 we left and started our drive towards the ferry. I always have crazy ideas and now we have the time to do something about them. So when Stéphane saw that his manager’s office was just on our way we stopped in Arnhem around 13:06 completely unannounced. When he called his manager we found out that the guy was in Prague. Where are the days when people would just be in their office… So instead we had a nice lunch with the HR manager. This is a work culture I love. Employees pop in even on their holidays and colleagues take time to talk and be with them. Both sides benefit.

At 14:09 we left and drove in the direction of Amsterdam where we arrived at 15:48. Now we could relax because we just arrived 12 minutes before the gates closed.

Taking the ferry was nothing special for us. We had done the same about 12 months ago. Although it had been a different ferry, a different company at the end of the day they are all more or less the same. Huge restaurant container ship with no family friendly picknick areas. But we were lucky and we refused to pay for overpriced bad food and still ate the left overs from the previous day. Our stomachs just have to be toughened. The night on a ferry is loud and slightly uncomfortable but bearable. Which brought us to the end of this day.