At the moment my life seems to consists of a lot of ‘last‘. Last violin lesson. Last swimming lesson. Last cello lesson. Last jazz dance rehearsal. Last free Thursday morning with my daughter. Last time seeing a friend. Last job mandate. All leading to today – last day of school in Gurmels for my daughters for a whole year.

I took them to school by car. We had backed cakes for their class mates and it was easier to transport them that way. Suddenly I found myself standing there, watching my daughters walk off and thinking to myself: ‘Its pretty much the same feeling as first day of school.‘ Both of them felt happy at the time to start school and didn’t show any ‘I don’t want to go‘ behavior. Back then they just found their place in the row with the other kids and off they went. Didn’t look back. They didn’t look back today neither. Just walked off.

Before we go on our big adventure, before we have a lot of ‘first’s‘, we obviously have to go through the motion of a lot of ‘last’s‘. Its like spring cleaning. Letting go. Throwing away. Putting aside. All that to make room for new things. A new violin teacher. A new school. A new house. A new town. A new everything. What will that feel like to move suddenly from ‘last‘ to ‘first‘? I’ll find out.