Packing. Sorting. And feeling Blessed.

The bags are packed, nearly. And as always the last 20% take 80% of my time. And there is quite a bit to remember:

  • Quickly writing an article for the local newspaper.
  • Travel Cash Card – do we actually have the number of the bank to recharge it?
  • Do we have photocopies of all
    • passports
    • flights
    • hotel bookings
    • Myanmar visa-application
  • What stuff goes in the hand bag what in the big back-bag?
  • How much medication do we take along?
  • Do we have all necessary insurance phone numbers?
  • Quick bookkeeping training with my dad, who will pay all the bills.
  • What do we wear tomorrow on the trip?
  • Do we have all the recharging cables, all the plugs for all the computer stuff.

I don’t know how many times I went up and down those stairs, put stuff somewhere and then three minutes later I was looking for it. I am getting slightly nervous. Good. Finally.

At 11:00 my SoulCollage® “mum“, can I call you like that Andrea?… came to bring me a little souvenir from her trainer training in America. We hadn’t seen each other since 2013 when I did my facilitator training and it was such a nice gesture of her to drive all the way from Berne to our place to give me her present. Thank you Andrea. All the kids drawing and reading stuff has gone in this bag and it will travel with us.

Funny story on the side. I had lost my earring a couple of days ago, when I had received new ones from my parents. We looked everywhere. Even emptied the hover. Nothing. Then today I suddenly found it in a back where I really hadn’t expect it. I couldn’t belief my  luck. Then 5 minutes later it was gone again. Again I looked everywhere. Nothing. So I gave up and now suddenly my mum come upstairs and has found it on the carpet just in front of the furniture where I had found it today. This little bagger is NOT coming on our trip. It obviously wants to get lost. Fine. Then get lost! 🙂

17:30 Everything is packed. The backpacks aren’t full. What did I forget? What is missing?

And we had a last artistic performance by Lara and Alina, my mum being the show master 🙂

As off tomorrow we might have less regular access to a WiFi connection. So bare with me if I don’t publish everyday my blog. I will keep writing every day and as soon as I have an internet connection, I will publish. Promise.

car is packed, bags are packed… its freezing here, time to leave