Hot. Hotter. Too hot. And some travel advises.

Ok, so this morning we woke up in our Guesthouse and had no idea how our day would go. Would our baggage arrive? Would we finally get some money?

If I have learned one thing in Findhorn –  it is to let go, and let the Universe take over. So I didn’t get too stressed about the bags nor the fact that we still didn’t have the faintest idea about what to do here in Lao, where to go, where to stay… but I somehow trusted that things would work out.

By 10:30 I knew the best travel map app ever.

By 11:30 our bags had arrived.

By 11:40 we had money and could pay the guesthouse.

bag tag
feeling like Xmas, Easter and birthday at the same time
feeling like Xmas, Easter and birthday at the same time

Oh, and our bags took the scenic route. Since there was no flight from Singapore to Vientiane today, the airline put our bags on a flight to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Vientiane.

We could get changed and started walking around the city when everybody else was getting out of the sun – around 12:15.  We had some food, drank a lot of water and saw a few temples.


There are beautiful, rich decorated, colorful and at the same time very peaceful. It is not just one building, it is like a little complex of buildings. There are even streets in there. I don’t really know much about Buddhism but it was nice to hear Alina saying that she is talking to the Buddha sculptures.

Around 16:00 we were back in the guesthouse and took a shower. We couldn’t stand our own smell anymore. We took a break, talked to a few people and got some advice. Then we left again to look for a book – I explain later – and some dinner. And that was basically our day.

Travel advice:

  1. – fantastic app for travelling. You can download the maps when you are online and use them when you are offline. You can even do routing and find your way to any restaurant, shop, sight or back to the hotel if you were lost. Best thing for people with a sense of exploring and für dich Mama, Menschen ohne ausgeprägten Orientierungssinn 🙂
  2. When your bags get lost during your travel make sure you are asking for THE 10-digit number, that you can later put into the Baggage tracking WorldTracer. All you have to do is to put that No into and find out where your bag currently is. You can even update your own contact information etc. We, unfortunately, didn’t know about that, and had no number.
  3. In Asia don’t buy the Lonely Planet but the Lonely Planet Copy. It’s the same just a fraction of the price. It is the copied version of the original.
  4. And… something I had known already… talk to people in the place where you are staying. All these trips we heard from them.

Bottom line: We four are feeling fine. Have eaten local food and survived it.

Learnings: We will get up earlier, leave the guesthouse earlier to visit some stuff and come back to have a proper break around lunch time.