Cambodia. Siem Reap.


At 4:30 am our alarm went off. Just quickly brushing teeth, headlamps on and off we went on our bikes to Angkor Wat. We got there just before sunrise around 5:50 am and were there with quite a few other mad tourists. The whole experience was not as breathtaking as I had imagined it to be. The atmosphere was diluted by Lara’s meticulous way of sharing with me, what was hurting, and Alina repeatingly telling me that her shoulder hurt and my dear husband who was in a mood because we had not listened to his advise on where to stay for the sunrise. So all three got on my nerves in the end. But as the sun rose so did my mood again.

Angkor Wat is huge. So huge that one can get lost in it. Because we had been to Les Chantiers Ècoles and had seen how those sandstones are sculptured we could appreciate the whole design even more. I won’t go into the history nor give you any photos – there are plenty on the web.

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After Angkor Wat we went to Ta Prohm, the place that is featured in Tomb Raider. In comparison to Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm is small but it is magical and beautiful.

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Tomorrow second day!