Job interview after job interview… well, not really a job interview but today I had two interviews for volunteering posts. Both sound great and both I will do.

There is this lovely elderly couple that needs help with their garden. The advantage is that their garden is in Forres, so I am just 10 minutes away by bike. They like kids so I can take both of them alone and we can work there. The couple is trying to create a wild flower garden. Something I am dreaming of having in my garden too. So there is a lot to learn.

The second one is with Ray’s Opportunities. There it might be more of an office based work. Again its in Forres and I can walk or cycle there in no time.

What is evident here is that the focus is very much on volunteering work. I have the impression we can learn a lot from that in Switzerland. Or to see it the other way around. Here many more things need to be taken care of by individuals or charities because the council is just not having any money. A lot of places here wouldn’t exist anymore if it wasn’t for the volunteers.

So after all that being interviewed the girls and I went back to Cullerne Garden, were I hadn’t been interviewed to work our afternoon shift.

Just a normal day up here in Scotland.day15

Lounge with Stéphane’s office in the background.