A day at the beach – that’s the way today could be summarized.

Our dear friend Satya arrived last night. So I could have had a sleep in but my alarm woke me up around 6:30 am, so I got myself out of bed, made myself a coffee, went into the garden for a morning meditation and ended up continuing to read my book. This is an a-typical Anja book but it feels so good to read it.51e2IWUYWKL._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_ It’s obvious what will be happening but the anticipation is so good that I can’t put the book down. The dialogues are funny. So funny in fact that I hope I had them.

Anyway at some point I did my morning mediation and after an extended breakfast we left for Lossiemouth. What a funny name for a town. It is so beautiful located at the coast that I could easily spend days, weeks there doing not much more than starring at the sea, maybe reading a book or not and enjoying the moment including the the sudden weather changes.

What was less enjoyable was that my rain protection hat I had given to my beloved daughter because of the weather and her lack of head protection, she had thoughtlessly lost at some point and we didn’t find it even after an extended search for it. That whole episode put a grey curtain over a otherwise bright sunny day. It’s not the hat itself. Well, it actually is. It was the only one I had. It was the one I wanted to take on our journey. And most importantly I had special memories connected with it. I had bought that hat in 2010 when I had lost my hair after the radiation therapy and I had gone to the hair dresser for the first time to have the rest of my hair seriously cut short. So my beloved red rain hat is now somewhere in Lossiemouth. Funny. Lossiemouth sounds a bit like ‘lost mouth’.

All week the FESTIVAL OF SACRED DANCE MUSIC & SONG had been on in the Universal Hall at the Foundation. And from 8pm there was the Final Night Extravaganza Grand Orchestra & Choir Playing for Dance. So we went and danced.