A day of work, leisure, movie and talking.

So I got up this morning remembering I had missed a deadline for the publication of an article. So I sat down and went through all the emails, all the necessary photos, the article itself and had finally after 4 hours everything sent that needed sending.

In the meantime my youngest daughter had gone all by herself to the nearby Tesco to buy some bread for the whole family. This was the first time she went out all by herself here in Scotland. And amazingly enough she came home with bread. Just to compare the skills: Her dad went to the very same Tesco a few hours later and called me to ask me where the salad was to be found. Men!

The afternoon was filled with painting on stones, reading, sitting in the kitchen and in the garden and talking, laughing and talking some more.

Since it was a day of free flowing intake of food we ached for a delicious dinner. Fresh potatoes from Cullerne cooked and served with butter and salt and a salad were the result of our efforts.

We finished the evening re-watching ‘Painting the future‘, which is a beautiful movie, talking about Buddhism, listening to the Beyond CD and discussing sending our dreams to the Universe. Follow your passion was one of the main points for the Universe to listen to. What is my passion? I love being with people. I love teaching. I love discussion about the world. I love SoulCollage®. I love facilitating workshops. I love coaching people. So Universe, did you hear me?  After all, how does my article finish?

Above all, I am the Creator of my own success. If I don’t take the wheel, who will?