Guesthouse Denpasar.

After arriving yesterday in Bali and not having a Lonely Planet, I spent the whole day trying to organize the coming weeks. We have to find accommodations, places we want to visit and our way around. It is really not easy. I need to find the book. And then Bali is again completely different to the previous countries. There are hardly any buses. People drive bikes and use taxis. The booking pages, I had used so far, and, didn’t come up with suggestions that I could afford. is an alternative but is not really homestay like we know it from Laos or Cambodia. It is basically another platform for guesthouses. There is hardly any wwoofing in Bali and for I would have to pay a premium membership to contact the hosts. So my life is pretty difficult right now.

20160123_134150188[1]And then around lunchtime it started raining again. Initially we had wanted to go to the beach but with the rain, there was no chance. So Alina and I put on our swimming trunks and we stood in the freezing cold rain. I thought that the rain in a tropical country would be warm but I was wrong. It was freezing.