Lovina Beach – shopping

Maslow pyramid of motivation? Everybody heard of it. Today we lived it. Basic needs first: Food.

Our motorbikes arrived at 9 am and off we went in search of food and found this amazing place. I had seen it on

DSC_4155[1] The Global Village Kafe opened in May 2013 and is a 100% Social Business. All profits from this business are destined to help some of the poorest people in Bali, especially North Bali, in their times of need, whether through assisting with medical expenses, housing,educational or skill training costs,or simply micro finance to help them establish small businesses.


I just loved the ambiance in the place and we spent quite some time in there before we went hunting for fruit, vegetables, salt and other essentials for running a kitchen. Eventually we had everything or we had enough in more than one way and went back to our heaven, where I started to cook lunch.

In the afternoon Stéphane worked a few hours, the girls played and I went out on the motorbike organizing tomorrow: Stéphane’s 46th birthday, but pshh… don’t tell him.