Lovina Beach.

Alina was still not 100% and her temperature was also not back to normal. So all plans were put on hold and we just had a very relaxing Sunday.

The only task for the day was to replace what we had broken in our lovely accommodation. Sandra, if you read this… 

this is what happened on our first day DSC_4312[1]
and this on our second day DSC_4313[1]
so we hunted down Alaska DSC_4314[1]

Sorry, Sandra, they didn’t have plain white mugs.

Achievement of the day: bought two new mugs to replace the broken ones. 🙂

And obviously it had to happen, we got into a shower. I hate driving a car in the rain, well, is there anything stronger than hating something? But we managed and rode back Balinese style.

see the kids?

We stopped in the Global Village Kafe for a nice piece of cake and a cup of coffee before going home. We had one of those “do nothing” Sunday afternoons. I had even time to watch a really feel good movie: Mortdecai. If you guys have a chance to watch it, I can really recommend it.

Alina was in bed by 8pm, hoping she would be fit for our planed trip to the hot springs on Monday.