Air Panas Banjar. Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Temple. German lunch.

Finally, Alina was back to her normal self: healthy, no temperature.

So we had a quick breakfast and then left on our bikes to the hot springs.

Air Panas Banjar is not far from us: I had read on the web, that it is worth to get up early to avoid the flow of tourists. When we arrived around 8:40 am we were actually the very first visitors. Perfect.

day203These hot springs percolate amid lush tropical plants. You can relax here for a few hours. Eight fierce-faced carved stone naga (mythical snakelike creatures) pour water from a natural hot spring into the first bath, which then overflows (via the mouths of five more naga), into a second, larger pool. In a third pool, water pours from 3m-high spouts to give you a pummelling massage. The water is slightly sulphurous and pleasantly steamy (about 38°C). (Lonely Planet)

DSC_4326[1] DSC_4332[1]

We spend about 2 hours having the water massage us and enjoying the surroundings. Then we left to visit Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Monastery, a beautifully calm place for a meditation retreat.


After so much food for the soul, our stomachs were in serious need for some food. And we had already decided where we wanted to stop for lunch: Deutsches Ecke, a restaurant with typical German dishes. Well, after over three months of travelling in Asia, we were in serious need for a change:

Alina DSC_4388[1] Schweinesteak
Lara DSC_4385[1] Schweineschnitzel
Stéphane DSC_4387[1] Cordon bleu
Anja DSC_4386[1] Roulade mit Rotkohl und Spätzli

The only thing was, we needed to wait for over an hour while and the girls were hungry. It was not the best food ever, Mama deine Rouladen schmecken wesentlich besser, but it was a nice change.