Wow, what a day.

Yesterday I was having a serious talk to the Universe about my professional work, success and recognition and today… the Universe sent me its answer.

We, that are my daughters, Satya a friend and me, went into Cullerne this morning. We had a wonderful time cycling in the most amazing weather and talking about some really good topics. Satya for example had invited the girls to Glasgow and we talked about it if they wanted to go and why they might not want to go.

Then in Cullerne we met a huge group of people. There were people from the Family Experience Week, young people from the Youth Experience week, service exchange people and a lot of volunteers. This meant we were getting the harvest done in record time giving us time to do some maintenance work in and around the fields. It was a beautiful morning with a tea break, sitting in the sunshine, talking and just being. Then I was asked if I would help out with watering the seeds in one of the tunnels – not just today but on a regular basis. What felt good was the underlying recognition of my work ethics. I felt like a little kid in the candy store. Of course I said ‘yes‘. Being asked and then doing this task every week gives me the feeling of being part of the team. I am not just some random volunteer, I am somebody who they trust and rely on. Thanks Universe. Then later somebody told me that she was happy that the girls and I were working in the garden. It was not one of those ‘I am happy to see you.’ phrases, no, it came without any reason, just like that. And that again felt pretty good. I guess I had a glow on my face when we tuned out before lunch. Thanks Universe.

We went with Satya to lunch at the CC and indulged in a delicious meal sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and the warmth. Afterwards we went for a coffee and some unreasonable rich cake. How did that guy in the cue say it? We sounded like ‘we had an affection for cake‘. I think that is what he said. Appreciating cake. That’s a new way of saying I love cakes. We were sitting outside, talking and the girls were making friends with another little girls. And Lara tried very hard to speak English. It is absolutely amazing how fast she is picking up the vocabulary.

Then instead of going back to Cullerne, we just went around the Park, thinking we could go into the art exhibition, which unfortunately turned out to be closed on a Monday. But we still enjoyed ourselves, laughed and fooled around in the grass. When the grey clouds came we decided to cycle back home and then it happened. Lara and I were cycling in the front and Satya and Alina were far behind. So we both stopped and waited for them to join us. They went pass us, we wanted to continue our bike ride and then all I heard was this unmistakable type of crying and I knew something was seriously wrong. I just knew and of course couldn’t get fast enough off my bike and fell myself seeing Lara also on the street. Well there were no cars, but even just basically loosing her balance and falling had caused her some very painful injuries. First aid pack. Arnica. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. Can you move the arm?… And luckily nothing serious was broken. But she was in a lot of pain and we still had to cycle for a while. She was such a brave little girls and we made it home, cleaned everything and put our magic potion on.

An hour later she could move the arm better, was laughing again and I am a very happy and relived mum. Unfortunately Satya’s cold is not getting better but rather worse. So Universe, please, help both of them and everybody who needs it to heal physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and in any other needed way. And Universe you may include me too!