This will be most probably our last day in Ubud. So what to do? We made a list of our favorite things and there was some raw cake making at the 9 Angels, going to the Clear Café and for me attending the fly high yoga class at Radiantly Alive. But there is only so much time in a day and I was so not motivated to do anything at all, that we actually started with an ice cream. There was the idea of just walking from one ice cream place to the next and to spend our time and money that way, but my little angle “be a nice girl” got the better of me and we went raw cake ingredient shopping. Agne, if you read this… it was your recipe again, that we wanted to put to the test.

With all our stuff we arrived at the 9 Angels and confidently walked into the kitchen and started. Agne, we had to adapt your recipe slightly. There were no mangos, so we used green mangos (they taste different), I added cacao to the filling to make it sweeter etc. And of it went into the freezer. If you guys want to recipe, just write me a comment.

After preparing the cake, we had DSC_5246[1]lunch and then just relaxed. It started raining and I just watched the rain drops falling. Very calming. At some point the rain stopped and Stéphane took Alina and me to the fly high yoga class. And again, I had the very same feeling as the day before. I am sooooo very old. I am wondering how all these young people can afford travelling through Bali and how they can pay for all these yoga classes, which are not that cheap. There was one other older lady in the room. Otherwise I was the grandmother type and all these young chicks… lovely. Anyway, I had never tried fly high yoga and I am not sure I will do it again. It was such a strange feeling hanging upside down in those slings and trusting them that they hold me. And you know what the most frustratingDSC_5252[1] part was… it was my little Alina who just did a couple of those exercises with ease and grace. So frustrating.

Afterwards we just went back to the guesthouse and that was Ubud. Ubud has a strange effect on me. There are things I really hate, like being every 5 meter asked if needed a taxi, or the fact that the healthy food places are ridiculous expensive. And then there is stuff I love, like the 9 Angels. The whole idea of giving as much as you can afford, the idea of creating a better world together, the people that meet there, they talk. There is no wifi, so people actually talk. Then there are all those yoga and meditation classes. One could spend weeks and months trying out different things and discovering new classes. And of course not to be forgotten the Green School, the Green Village and everything connected with that vision. The kids who have the privilege to go to school there, will change our world for the better that I am sure of. And I will come back to one of those bamboo houses and sleep at least one night there, when I am rich and famous.