Amed or somewhere around there.

On our last day around Amed, we wanted to go and say hi to some more fishes. Snorkeling was the plan. My family is rather sluggish at the moment. The girls are continuously listening to Harry Potter and playing a new game on the tablet. And I am no better. I am still hooked on Frozen game and if all my lives are gone, I am playing something else. I had thought I would be reading during this year stocks of book. We even have an amazon library membership. But the only one using it at the moment is Stéphane. And these games can become so addictive. I noticed that too. Yes we wanted to go snorkeling, but it was so comfortable lying in bed and playing a stupid game. 🙁

So around 10 o’clock I took all my non existing self-control and told the family that I would be leaving on the motorbike in 5 minutes. And soon we were on the way and in the water.


But today a couple of things really annoyed me.

People who can’t swim shouldn’t go snorkeling. I saw again and again people virtually standing in the water with their fins touching the corals. And obviously that is not really very good for the corals. They break off so easily.  🙁 

And then there was so much plastic rubbish floating in the water. It makes me mad to see that. We came up with a business idea: bring a bag full of rubbish out of the water and get a free coffee or juice. All these tourists could help that way to keep the waters around Bali clean. And maybe it would be so painful to the wallet of the Balinese that they’d stop throwing their rubbish into the nature.

DSC_5346[1] - CopySo anyway, that was the beach. Just after lunch Stéphane and I went for a quick drive to Amed, just to have a look around and to get a dessert. I had read about a good place on tripadvisor but not seen it so far. Driving through Amed is quickly done. There is not much, just one dive center next to each other and a  few warungs (restaurants) in between. We decided to go back to the place, where Alina and I had done the yoga. I had seen on their black board that they also served desserts. When we arrived I suddenly saw the name of the cafe I had been looking for. It was the same place as the yoga. Cool business idea: organic – raw – vegetarian – healthy food cafe meets yoga and free diving place. The people who are doing the free diving, are also doing yoga and meditation and obviously eat healthy, and via versa. Cool. We had a very very nice dessert, returned then to the kids, went snorkeling one more time and took our motorbikes just around 4 pm to go back home.

We still needed to find a driver for tomorrow and an accommodation. And that was also done quickly. So back home we finished whatever we had in the fridge, ate dinner and relaxed.

Amed and around is a great place for diving and snorkeling. But apart from that there is not much to do. You could do your yoga teacher training and a free diving instruction there. One has to be able to drive a motorbike otherwise you can’t get around. There are beautiful resorts overlooking the ocean and there are some good food places. I would go back to Amed. Yes, I believe I would, not to the same airbnb, but to Amed.

Tomorrow we go to Sidemen, to see some rice terraces.