A slow morning. First Alina did a math test, then we had breakfast, then we talked quite some time to our host – the priest and then finally we made our way walking towards the hill, from where we were told we would have a really nice view over the rice fields.

DSC_5401[1]On our way we found a tile factory, Not ceramic tiles but cement tiles. A Dutch lady could only find boring white Chinese tiles for her home when she moved to Bali 10 years ago. All the local cement tile makers had gone out of business. She bought all the machines off and started her own business. Now, 10 years later she is exporting to Australia and even Europe. The process is so simple that it is already ingenious. They have a huge selection of designs and one can even make its own. An old guy on another island is then turning the drawing into a copper mold which is then used. I just stood there in wonder.


DSC_5416[1]Finally we continued across a broken bridge to a restaurant for a drink. That drink turned into lunch. The girls played the whole time in the hotel pool and we just relaxed. Well, we didn’t make it to the top of the hill, grey rain clouds appeared on the sky and we slowly walked back.

Dinner in Warung Bali, where Alina even helped in the kitchen. She now knows how to make peanut sauce – great.