This was going to be our very last day in Sidemen and in Bali and we took it easy. We relaxed. Stéphane went to the “office” in Warung Bali and the girls and I went to the restaurant, where they had jumped into the pool a couple of days ago. But today things felt different.

How to wipe off the Indonesian smile:

  1. point out that you had ordered a pineapple juice and not a papaya juice
  2. ask for a towel
  3. ask for something to clean the pool with
  4. order some food, when they obviously wanted to have a break
  5. point out that the food was spicy despite having asked for ‘no chili

After all that I was brought the bill without having asked for it. Well, ok, I guess I didn’t want a coffee then. 🙂

When we left there was no smile, no bye bye – just a blank stare.

To round up our day we went to Warung Bali for the very last time and ordered 4 surprise dinner. And they were great. Thank you so much… Warung Bali. Ah, did I mentioned, that we had a candle light dinner. There was a blackout in the village. So our chef did all the cooking in the darkness.