Sun eclipse.

This day began early – at 4 am. We got up, brushed teeth and then left our rooms to take a taxi to a place about 2 hours away where a group from the dive resort had planed to watch the sun eclipse.

I didn’t really know what I was expecting, but the next 2 hours were pretty amazing. We stood on the beach and watched a total sun eclipse. We felt how the temperature dropped. We saw how it got dark and light again.

@ 8:38 am
@ 8:40 am
It was pretty amazing. And the location was beautiful. What was also funny that our group watched the sun eclipse and the locals watched us. We were the attraction. The girls played with a horde of kids. They run up and down the beach and had fun.

day240day240bThe whole thing was spectacular. But some people fly from one sun eclipse to the next one. And I am not sure I would do that. But having seen it now was great.


We were back around 1 pm, had lunch, moved into our new location and run to the beach. It is so hot here. This resort is pretty much the most luxurious place I have ever gone to. And the place has this typical postcard feeling: turquoises water, white sandy beach, just the horizon… nice.

Tomorrow I will have a refresher dive in the morning. The first one after 7 years, two surgeries, two radiation therapies…