Diving Paradise. No diving !!!!!

Unbelievable. I am in the most beautiful spot in the world. A divers paradise and I have an ear infection. That means no diving.day246

DSC_5742[1]So, instead I went snorkeling with Alina in the morning. The current was so strong, that we didn’t do it for a long time. Our snorkeling turned into a picking up rubbish session. We collected in the water and on the beach. At the beginning the locals looked at us if we were from a different planet. But in the end, there were several people helping us. The trick was: The locals wanted to take photos of us. And my answer was: You pick up some rubbish, you get a photo. Within a very short time we had filled a large bin bag. This is such a beautiful place, the rubbish is a shame. And the local culture is not about picking it up. If enough tourists show the locals how it could be done and that over a longer time, there is a chance, that things will change.

The rest of the day was filled with doing NOTHING. My ear felt worse after the snorkeling, so I was really really careful. In the evening I wanted to go snorkeling one more time, but my right ear was not happy with me and punished me for being stubborn and hurt more than before.

DSC_5751[1]Being on a diving holiday means also you are surrounded by a lot of divers and for us the worst nightmare is to have ear problems. So everybody has a whole pharmacy in their suitcase. Lucky for me… I got some ear drops.