Men makes planes and God laughs.

This is a bit how it felt today. We had wanted to go to the East Coast for a walk. But when we had breakfast, it started to rain. So we decided not to do the walk but to go into the city and have a look around.

When we got into the city we changed our planes and wanted to visit the Botanical Garden. But before we could get there the girls needed to have an ice cream, but because it wasn’t that warm I opted for a hot chocolate instead. We found this amazing place called The Choc Pot. The desserts are just from a different planet.

day256 DSC_5906[1]

Full with unreasonable calories we walked the city a bit more and came across this procession. 


The girls actually really got upset by this and it took some explaining before they relaxed again.

Continuing our way to the Botanical Garden we walked through Hyde Park and saw a beautiful church, St Mary’s Cathedral, and went inside with the intention of visiting it.

What we didn’t know was that there was just the Easter service about to start. The cathedral was packed and we had great difficulty finding a seat. We stayed for nearly the whole time, not because I love Catholic services but because the choir was so fantastic. I loved it.

When we finally came out we just sat in Hyde Park eating our pasta with my self-made pesto before returning home. Our stay in Sydney is so relaxing, we sleep long, we wake up late, we don’t really do much – and it is great. Now we have been here 4 days and we haven’t really seen much of the city, but it feels ok.

The evening we spent with our host talking and playing cards until late – in fact very late. At midnight we finally went to bed. A perfect day.