Another great day in Sydney. Stéphane we left in “the office” and the girls and I went to Marrickville, the Mekka of op shops (second hand shops). The girls needed in preparation of NZ each a pair of jeans and the high street in Marrickville is filled with these shops. So we started on one end and walked our way back finding some amazing bargains. Imagine a Desigual dress for 1 Dollar !!!!!!!

So we spent our day bargain hunting and it was fun. I even found a dress for myself, how cool is that.

On the way back we stopped for a coffee making us miss our bus. But in Sydney that isn’t a problem. We just took the train to our evening classes. Yes, we went again to one, no actually two of Pamela’s evening classes:

Write your own book

Use the Hero’s Journey to write a book

And both classes were really cool. Now all I have to do is to sit down and write the story 🙂

Dinner we just had in town with Colin, our flatmate, who actually taught the second class and Stephen and Pamela our airbnb hosts.

A great day in Sydney. One has to love this city.

while I went to the first class, the girls went with Stéphane to the playground