Australia – NZ (Auckland)

I got up at 6 am to prepare breakfast in the youth hostel. Then we checked out and took the train from central station to the airport. Check in was easy and we had a lot of time to kill. The girls got the rest of the coins and went off to buy themselves something and I finished the blog for the previous two days. Then going to the gate, boarding and sitting and doing nothing…

We arrived just after 4 pm in Auckland and had to go through all the normal immigration procedure, passport control, baggage claim and then… now we have been to various places but NZ is particular strict on the import of stuff. The arrival card for NZ looks like this:

passenger arrival card page 2

Pay attention to section 5


  • our salted peanuts we left in the airplane
  • shells we didn’t declare and that gave us already a thrill
  • Alina’s magic want (made of a twig and a pine cone) we also left in the plane
  • the soles of our shoes were checked for mud and dirt and a stone that I had in mine, I needed to take out
  • the fact that we had traveled also to south east Asia and Indonesia we didn’t mention
  • the dog smelled something in my backpack which I thought were the apples I had carried in it the previous day – only to find in the youth hostel that I had forgotten about the two pine cones from the wishing tree in Sydney
  • … so that was quite an adventure

Next impression when we left the airport – it is cold here.

family bonds