We had booked ourselves on a cycling tour around Rotorua with Happy Ewe Cycle Tour. Yesterday we had the most glorious autumn weather and when we booked the tour we even asked about the weather forecast, and were told it should be ok. When we left the youth hostel it was cloudy but dry and we were optimistic that we would have a great day. 45 Minutes later we were stuck in a public toilet waiting for the rain to stop or at least to ease off a bit so we could cycle back without getting completely soaked.

DSC_8206[1]Roger, our guide, was amazing. He took it with humor, he made us sit on the warm concrete before he rushed us to the dry public toilet. I was infected by his spirit and we laughed a lot about the ridiculous situation. He shared a lot of his knowledge about Maori culture with us and entertained the kids by being just himself.


After an hour of sitting there we took our lunch boxes out and shared with him our pick-nick. We didn’t see much of Rotorua but we had a great time. When there was a small gap in the clouds we quickly cycled back and postponed the rest of the tour for 24 hours, hoping the weather will be better tomorrow.

The four of us run back to the youth hostel, so I could put our wet cloths into the tumble dryer.

What was really annoying was, that as soon as we were in the hostel and had gotten changed, the rain stopped and there was bright sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. [Not sure what our guarding angels tried to protect us from !!!!]

DSC_8208[1]But being in the youth hostel gave me the one in only chance to become a model. Don’t we all dream of being one. Ever since Heidi Klums “Germany’s Next Topmodel” I have been secretly hoping to be discovered by a model scout. Well today it happened. So I can cross that off my bucket list too. 🙂

Well, to be perfectly honest it was not me alone, no we were filmed as a family in the youth hostel. In a few days the video should become available. I’ll keep you posted.

For the rest of the day I was planning our next days.