This is going to be a short blog, because we – the girls and I – had a great day.

I started mine by getting up at 5 am to be part of SoulCollage® Facilitator meeting in cyber space. Then we had breakfast and Stéphane retired to his office.

The girls and I went to the Silky Oak Chocolate Factory just outside Napier. Yummy but expensive. There is a shop, a museum, a gift shop and a cafe in a beautiful setting. Because Alina had a bit of a stomach ache we started in the cafe, drank something warm before we had a quick look around.


There is even a way indication to Santa’s factory and Easter bunny’s home. 🙂

I had seen an indication to an art village, which is literally just around the corner. So we went there and imagine this: There is a potters club. A huge room with all the potters equipment including turning wheels and a kiln. People who are interested can become members and then use all the equipment for free. I wish we had something like that back home. If I want to do some pottery I have to go to a class, which is clearly more expensive than an annual membership. Anyway, they had nice stuff there and were also selling things. Then we had a look around the art village. There wasn’t much to see but I met a guy, Chris, and we got talking about life, about making life changing decisions, about politics, about history, about human nature… Chris was a wonderful conversationalist and a good listener. And we talked about Avatar. I will look into this. Maybe it is giving me a better understanding of what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

DSC_8851[1]Lunchtime had long gone, so we just grabbed some take away and retired to a beautiful spot along the beach I had already been to with my bike. We ate, we played, we read. I am so impressed with both girls. They are reading English books, hardly ever ask what a word means and still get the main story line. I just hope we can keep this up when we are back home. Both of them will read even more for the rest of the travel, since as of yesterday both kids tablets are broken. So no gaming anymore.

Tomorrow we will make a move again and continue going further south.