Nelson. Centre of NZ.

Today we explored Nelson and surprise surprise the centre of NZ is right here.


But today what really threw me was our visit of the cathedral in Nelson. There is a spiral on the floor with the following description:

“I had entered the spiral with all my worries. Yes, the thought of “what if …” is  back. And yes, I do notice every little abnormal twitch in my body again. And yes, I have realized it has been over a year DSC_9480[1]that I had my last surgery and over a year ago I had my last MRI. And yes, I wonder why my left arm sometimes feels heavy. And yes, I consider making a check-up appointment for the time when I am back. And yes… all that I took into the spiral. Standing in the center I only asked for some guidance and now listen to this, as DSC_9478[1]I was standing there, my eyes just wondered around. And just in front of myself I was facing this panel. And the first thing I read was: “ON MY HONOR, I promise to do my best.” Wow. Yes, I can do that. I can do my best. More I can’t do. I can live my life to the fullest. More I can’t do. I can be the best possible example to my daughters. More I can’t do. I can work hard to make my business flourish. More I can’t do. I can write and call to stay in touch with friends. More I can’t do. I can eat healthy. Move my body. Get enough sleep. Don’t do drugs. Don’t smoke. Laugh every day. Be grateful for what I have. More I can’t do. If I can look back on my life and say I don’t regret anything. I made my mistakes. I learnt from them – sometimes. When I can say that I tried to be honest, truthful and caring. Then I have lived to the fullest. If I have fulfilled my potential. Who knows. So I went into a spiral asking for help and I was given help. Thank you. And in the kids book I am just reading the little boy is asking a priest what angels are and if anybody can be a messenger – even mice. And the priest replies that yes, anybody, anything can be a messenger. So I guess, my intuition guided me into the cathedral. There I found my messenger in form of a wall panel.

The other nice thing about the cathedral was this:

DSC_9469[1] DSC_9470[1] I know what I wrote on my piece of paper, do you? Would you pray for somebody else? Or yourself? Would you ask for something? Or be thankful? I wonder if it might not be a nice idea to have a board like this at home… I wonder.