NZ. South Island

Golden Bay – Takaka.

Rain. Rain. And more rain. But with a bit of sunshine the rain turns into something beautiful. DSC_9657[1]

We had gone to the Salmon fishing farm just outside Takaka, Anatoki. And it rained DSC_9671[1]on us. And we were bitten by sand flies, which is really painful. At the beginning we had only two fishing rods but since we were not very successful but very wet we went for four fishing rods and then… Alina, our hero, caught two just shortly one after the other. And with these 2.6 kg of beauty we had enough. The nice thing at the farm is, that one doesn’t have to clean them oneself. Somebody there is doing all of that AND is smoking them straight away. So one fish we smoked with Moroccan spices and one natural wood smoke flavor. While waiting the 12 minutes for the fish to be ready, we had a quick drink and then went back to the youth hostel to have lunch – in a warm dry place.

day333 DSC_9676[1]

The afternoon we just spend doing pretty much nothing. Well, that is not quite true. We left the youth hostel to visit an artist community which I had found in the art train brochure, only to see our second rainbow of the day.  We had a lovely talk but didn’t get anything. And then on the way back I saw a community garden and DSC_9682[1]we had a wonder around and talked a bit to one of the initiators. It is not like Cullerne Garden, where the garden is property of the community. Here they lease the land from the local Maori tribe and then lease little plots to interested gardeners. Everyone can grow what they want in their little garden. They have wwoofers. They also have a harvest celebration and they have a pizza oven, that can be used, there is a food shed and some compost selling. And although I liked to atmosphere there it is not quite Cullerne Garden.

Having picked up Alina from the youth hostel we just had a nice drink in a lovely cafe in town, Dangerous kitchen. I love Takaka. It is cute, has a few yoga places from what I have seen, numerous artists, galleries and cafes. Obviously it now being winter here, there is not that much going on and everything closes at 5pm. So I haven’t really done any serious window shopping in this place. YET.