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I DON’T LOVE MY CHILDREN ALWAYS. Sometimes I really don’t like them. Well, I am sure that is politically not allowed to be thought or worse to be said out aloud as a mother. We always have to love our kids, don’t we. Well, this morning I didn’t. Nothing really big happened, just a sequence of small little things that really got to me. There is my 9 year old one practicing her favorite word “no”. And my 10 year old one who is treating me more and more often like a 5 year old one, is having a bad time realizing that 2 minutes are 2 and is letting the whole family waiting for 20 minutes at the breakfast table. Then there is the daily struggle with how warm they should dress themselves. One would hope that at their age they have learned. No. Not my kids. My 9 year old one went out today in sandals and my 10 year old one in trainers, when I was wearing my winter boots. Who is doing the dishes, another time of happy family business. Deal is whoever is not preparing the meal is doing the dishes. But when I see my 10 year old one dreaming a whole trilogy together while I am trying to actually leave and start the day, then we are not having a good time. I could just go on and on. I know, nothing really bad, but I am only human, and there are times when I can laugh things off and get on with my day – today was not one of them. So there was a bit of a frosty silence in the car when we eventually left and it took me a good half an hours to shift and talk again.  Oh, well, I do love my children – sometimes. 🙂

Day 339 - 16.06.2016 - Google Chrome our journey today – click on the map for more information

B Hokitika Gorge DSC_0017
C Dorothy Falls day339b
D Hans Bay DSC_0090
E Kahikatea Forest Walk DSC_0103
F Rimu Lookout
Mananui Tramline walkway DSC_0109
G nothing
H beach DSC_0115