NZ. South Island.

Franz Josef Glacier – Lake Matheson.

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Lake Matheson day341
 Lake Matheson day341b
 Lake Matheson day341c
 Lake Matheson DSC_8883[1]
Fox Glacier DSC_8940[1]
Waiho River DSC_8944[1]
Franz Josef Glacier

(on the way)


What a day… we got very wet on the way to the Franz Josef Glacier, since we were in the clouds. So I am having a really runny nose and am sneezing the whole time. Lara has a nasty bit from a sandfly which got infected. Her whole elbow is red and hot. Tonight I squeezed out some pus and we put some medication on and treating it with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. It is very painful and I am hoping it will be better tomorrow.

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About sandflies

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