NZ. South Island.

Wanaka – Queenstown (Arrowtown – Glenorchy)

PrtScr capture

Today was a bit of a grey day until we reached Arrowtown. During our trip from Wanaka to Arrowtown we didn’t see much because of the rain and the fog. But as soon as we arrived in Arrowtown, the sky brightened up and we had the chance to visit this cute little town which looked like from a different time.


We looked at the first Chinese settlements, drank some hot chocolate and ate lunch at the Fork and Tap. Wow the beetroot soup with rosemary I had was a dream.

Then we continued in the direction of Queenstown, but didn’t stop there. We continued to Glenorchy, which is a beautiful road along the lake. It’s only 40 km long, but you can stop every five minutes to take a photo or just to stand there in awe. Glenorchy itself is tiny and we virtually drove through and back to Queenstown.


We have only one night in Queenstown. I had tried so many different hostels and the answer was always the same: full at the weekend. Tonight we found out why. Tomorrow the Winderfestival is starting.