NZ. South Island.

Milford Sound Highway.

The Milford Sound Highway is the street from Te Anau, where we are staying at the moment and Milford Sound. There are several places where one can stop, stand in awe and admire the genius design of nature. Especially this morning it was breathtaking as the fog was lifting.

39531-Southern-Discoveries-Road-To-Milford-Map-Pad-lr-1 - Copy

We stopped at several of these points: No 1, 2, 3, 4,9 and 12.

DSC_9432[1] - Copy around Lake Mistletoe (1)
DSC_9448[1] somewhere between this and that
DSC_9511[1] Lake Te Anau
DSC_9518[1] Lake Te Anau

And tomorrow we do a cruise around Milford Sound. 🙂