NZ. South Island


Countdown: only 5 days before flying home

Akaroa is a dream. Set in a beautifully calm natural harbor, there is a beach, a few shops and it still has that French feeling about itself. We explored the town and walked all the way to the lighthouse, across a couple of cemeteries before we had lunch in a place someone had recommended to us.

We had seen an ad for a house for sale and I was jokingly playing with the idea of having a look at it. There was a viewing in the afternoon. The house was going for 530 000 NZD, which is just over 350 000 CHF. A four bedroom house with two bathrooms – not bad. But my lovely family would like to return home and be in Gurmels. Oh well. I do wonder what I have done to be so restless.

After not getting the house, we went to visit the Giants House. First we were really thrown by the entrance price: 50 NZD for the family, but Alina really wanted to go in, so we decided that I would take the girls and Stéphane would go back to the hostel.

This is a video I found on youtube.

And this is my video.