NZ. South Island.


Happy Birthday travel family. One year you have been on the road. One year living out of a suitcase. Your 365 days adventure is coming full circle. How does it feel?

I don’t actually know how I am feeling. I woke up this morning to the last day of our trip and realized that the plans we had made for the day were not happening. We woke up too late for the walk we had wanted to do. And then somehow the stress, the anticipation, the strain of packing – all that came together. So that I didn’t feel the happiest woman alive.

But what did you actually do on your very last day?

Well, I started by packing the bags, then we had breakfast and then around 11am we finally left the youth hostel in the direction of the Mission Christchurch. We were donating our winter boots, books, some other shoes, some clothes to the Mission, who is basically looking after the poorest people in Christchurch. Usually the travelers leave all the extra and spare things in the hostel for other travelers to use, but we decided we wanted to give back to the people of Christchurch and not our fellow travelers. Then we made our way to a cafe, we were recommended. The C One is a cool place. Food arrives through a plastic tube, the way to the toilet is hidden by a book shelve and to get water, one has to operate a sewing machine. Then we went to the Christchurch Art Gallery which had been just recently re-opened. A short visit back to the youth hostel, some washing, some more packing and then to end the day we turned into private detectives trying to figure our who stole the Diamond in the Canterbury Museum.

Sounds like a pretty good day.

Well, yes, but we didn’t really finish with a big bang. We didn’t do anything extraordinary. It was just another day. But I guess, it is difficult to find something special, something that we hadn’t done before. We kept it simple. 

Are you looking forward to going home now?

Well, the girls are very much looking forward to seeing their grand parents and their friends. Stéphane is also looking forward to being back home. I on the other hand, well, I am having mixed feelings. On one hand it will be nice to sit in our garden, to eat the fruit from our trees, to not have to pack and re-pack my bag every other day. But then again, I am already planing the next trip. Funny anecdote: Alina donated yesterday 2.10 NZD for the next trip. Well, that will get us far.

What will be the first thing you do when you are back home?

Well, there are two stages to being home. First, when we arrive, we will be at Stéphane’s parents for a few nights and only then we get back into the house. When we are back in the house, I would really like to see how much more I can de-clutter the rooms. For example, I want to find a way to see how many clothes I really need. So I thought, I only put into the wardrobe the things that I had worn at least once after being back. Then the TV will find its way to the scrapyard. The magic word will be simplify and de-clutter. I keep thinking that I would like to find a place where we could keep games. At the moment the games we have are either in Lara or Alina’s room in cupboards. So usually I don’t think of playing something. Here in the youth hostel the games are on shelves, visible and therefore we pick them up much more frequent.

And how about your business. What will you be doing?

I haven’t got the faintest idea. I do have some contracts already for the coming months. Old clients who asked me if I could come back. And I happily accepted, there is a need to earn some money obviously. But I need to figure out how to turn my passion into a lucrative business. About one thing I am very excited. I have been accepted as a speaker at the Win Conference in September in Rome. There for the first time ever, I will speak of my travels, of my personal journey, of my fears, of my life. And then after that I would love to apply to TED as a speaker. Dream big. And yes, before I die, I would like to have been on Super Soul Sunday.

Well, we are wishing you and your family only the best and foremost good health.

Thank you so much.

(Interview between Anja and her inner voice 🙂