The end of the first week of school for the girls. And for me – just an ordinary day at Cullerne. Well not quite. I asked  Martin this morning if he could show me where the flower garden was that needed work. And he was so kind to show me around Cullerne and explained to me in some detail where they wanted to do what and what needed doing. That way I have now a really good idea of how I could spend my coming weeks. Because I have also noticed that when I am happy and relaxed and calm I actually don’t mind working on my own. Sometimes I even prefer it. Like today. I chose not to join the harvest but to start work in the flower garden. And it felt good. I can just be. I don’t have to think about topics to talk about. I don’t feel left out when others talk – because there is nobody else but me and I can always talk to myself. Then when I went up for tea break, Peter had noticed that he had not enough salad for the kitchen, so I just volunteered to go to the fields and harvest what was left. Marc came with me and we had the most honest talk. Only the field listened in – so the secrets are kept. Just when we were finished the others had finished their tea break and came back to the fields. So we took the salad to Peter who really struggled with some dirty pak choi. Again I just offered to cut the roots of. When all of that was done – I didn’t have a tea break but it felt really good. This is how a team should work. If there is a crisis – people just help each other out.

You might wonder what sort of stuff we grow in Cullerne. Here is an overview:

Chard-rainbow1 chardcoriander-leaves-500x500 corianderfava_beans_pile_570 broad beansKale-Stopyboard all three types of kale

greens7various saladsHeaderbilder_Saisonkalender_Pak_Choipak choiRocket salad leaves, close uprocketmain-courgette courgette

87971234_XSleekparsley-flat-leaf parsleyPea-protein-shows-potential-for-gluten-free-formulationspeas


And of course we have also tomatoes, cucumber and green beans.

After a lovely calm lunch break in the garden, I continued to work on my flower garden jungle. I even got to use the strimmer – until it didn’t want to start again 🙁

After the shift was finished one of the LEAP people made a comment like: ‘What are we going to do when you are not here any more.‘ What a nice compliment at the end of the week.