How can I express how nice it is that there is nothing to talk about.

This morning was lovely. James, who we are sharing the house with, chanted with a friend for an hour a lovely calming Buddhist mantra. This was beautiful.

Then we walked from our home to the school, where the girls will start the term in exactly a months time, we walked through the city center, got some flyers about what’s on offer during the next days, found the library, a sports hall and explored a bit the back roads leading alongside a small river.

Our timing is however a bit off: breakfast at 10:15, lunch at 15:00, but who cares, we are on holiday.

The adventure of the day was getting a sim card @ Sainsbury’s. It took us an hour, a million questions, no real answers to finally walk out with a new sim card for our mobile phone. Where are the days when things were simple? But now I am not just online, I can even phone. So if you want to get in touch?


logo_phone   0041 26 323 22 62