The day started working for Ray’s Opportunity a charity in Forres. When I arrived at the office I opened my email and my fb. And then I saw those images from the refugees. Years ago, after I believe my fourth trip to Palestine, I had decided to stop buying the newspaper and I am also not watching the news on TV. What I had seen and experienced as a photographer there had made me realize that my soul was not made for being a photographer in those regions. And although I loved what I was doing I took the decision to put my own sanity over my wish to make a difference. So when I saw those images on fb this morning, I felt sick to my stomach and my eyes filled with tears. I would love to do something, but I just don’t know what. I would love to help, but I just don’t know how. I am a mother myself and seeing kids suffering, dying, dead is more than I can take. So my prayer to the world is:

Please world. Please fellow humans. Let us stand together and help one another. We are all one. Just because we are sitting in a warm house doesn’t make it safe for us. All that safety can be gone in an instance. Please let us put an end to the suffering. Please let us rescue people who need help. Let there be no more dead bodies on the shores of Europe or anywhere else in the world. Please. We can be the change we want to see. Please let me be the change I want to see in others. Please.

I was grateful sitting in Ray’s office and doing my volunteering job. Yes, I am not getting paid. Yes, I am lucky I can afford that. And Yes, not only did I see the poster on which Ray was asking for help. NO, I also reacted on it. Yes, I am privileged. And I would like to give back to society. So I am grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful for this chance and I am not writing about it to brag. And it felt good to work on something that is called the ‘Volunteer Friendly Award‘. Charities are getting this award if they are treating their volunteers with the same respect and appreciation as their paid staff. Ray is applying for this award and I was part of it. I am grateful for that.

In between I was giving some training by an accountant. It’s embarrassing: 15 years of self-employment and doing my own bookkeeping, 5 years of bookkeeping for the kids holiday project and I STILL don’t get it. But I know what I have to do now. I am not sure why I have to do it that way, but if the accountant says it I will do it 🙂

In the afternoon I was picked up by the girls and we went home together. And I was again grateful for this little piece of heaven. It was freezing. Look at this: early September and its 12°C. Not nice at all. Especially because we are going away for the w’end.

weatherWhen we got home I did some ‘housewife‘ stuff and had a cup of hot tea with a friend, while our children were playing.

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