Ok, I am giving up!!!! I had the most fantastic idea and I am defeated by technology. All I wanted to do was to show you guys the routes we took and some of the photos we took. But I can’t find a plugin that does that. HELP.

On Sunday we did this Link

DSC_0459[1]woke up in the Wee Housie

DSC_0458[1]to this view

DSC_0461[2]took our family portrait and

DSC_0465[1]climbed across to get to the harbor

and then all day long we saw beautiful nature, islands…


DSC_0480[1] endless streets with heatherDSC_0481[1] dream beachesDSC_0487[1] our kids playing in the waterDSC_0496[1] endlessnessDSC_0497[1]freedom

The north of Scotland has it all. We were lucky with the weather. Yes it was windy and cold, but mainly dry. We had a few showers and saw two rainbows, but that was ok. The streets are empty and if you see 2-3 cars if feels already strange. I was surprised to see how many km I had done today. It didn’t feel like it.

I would love to have a holiday home up here!