Morning in the community forest and afternoon in the bookkeeping jungle

I was again helping out Alina’s class during their morning activity in the community forest in Forres. And what a glorious morning it was. My mood was rock bottom and the sky mirrored it with grey clouds. But 3 hours of brisk walking, beautiful nature and a clearing sky changed all of that. I even found mushrooms:


and some others that I initially thought might be edible but when I checked them at home I wasn’t that sure anymore. So apart from the chanterelle all the others went to the compost. But we also found blueberries and ate them. The kids had a great time. There was so much to see, so much to explore that time just flew by. At the end of the morning, the kids were tired but happy.

So I left them in school and went to my other ‘job‘ at Ray’s Opportunities. The afternoon was filled with bookkeeping and I am getting slowly the hang of things. I also met Amanda today who will continue the bookkeeping when I am leaving in October, which is actually much sooner than I would like it to be.

The girls had expressed their wish to eat more often at the CC and since they are in school for lunch we can do that only in the evenings or at the w’end tonight we ate there and it was nice not to have to prepare anything. I actually signed up for two more working shifts in the kitchen and I am so much looking forward to be cooking healthy and fantastic food.

Lara started to count the weeks we have left here this evening and the result is devastating: in 5 weeks we will be packing our bags and leave Scotland. I can honestly say this place is growing on me. One of the other parent this morning said, that they would rather be poor but happy where they are. And Forres/Findhorn is a beautiful place to be. So I am already feeling a bit sad for when we have to say our good-bye’s and the girls are feeling pretty much the same from what they said today. When we took the road this evening they said, that they are already missing our bike trips to Cullerne Garden and that although they would always see the same thing they enjoyed those 30 minutes very much. Well, well who would have thought.


I am not really hiding my mood very well 🙁