Walk in the woods. Shift in the Park kitchen.

In the morning we went for an exploration into the unknown. I had been given an advice for a picknick but as expected I didn’t find the place. Instead we found a lovely walk around this place.  The walk around Dunearn Burn was lovely and took us down to the river.

day61We even saw some people doing rafting on the river. Alina was all into doing that. Maybe we find out where they left from. And we found some mushrooms again, which I will prepare tomorrow.

This afternoon I had my second shift in Park kitchen. And when Alina had heard that I was working there she wanted to come with me. I wasn’t sure if the kitchen team would allow her being and working in the kitchen, but when I asked James (another James), he was fine with it. So Lara went on a bike ride with Stéphane and Alina and I cooked dinner with James and Susan.

I had a mild headache all day long, so when I arrived in the kitchen and Susan asked how I was, I gave her an honest answer. So offered to help and moved my head and shoulders in a certain way. I did feel better afterwards. What was interesting was what she said to me after having touched my head: I am tired. I am so tired. I need rest. I need to sleep.

And this is interesting. The TCM therapist I had seen yesterday, had suggested something similar. I need to rest more especially in the afternoon between 3-7 pm. And the previous couple of days I have been wondering too if I was overdoing things: volunteering in Cullerne Garden, volunteering in Park kitchen, volunteering for Ray’s Opportunities, bookkeeping for the holiday activities back in Gurmels, accompanying Alina’s class to the forest every Tuesday and helping Barbara and Don in their garden. I have virtually no time to myself. At night I often fall asleep over my book, there are cards I haven’t written, there is some needlework I need to do, we brought games which haven’t been opened yet. What is the lesson here? To say ‘no‘? But I love all of those things separately. It is just the sum of them that is too much. So one thing I have been debating already with myself is that when I finish the bookkeeping for Ray’s Opportunity I stop volunteering there. There is no point in starting something new for the last two weeks.  And I want to have one morning or one afternoon for myself. Yes, on half day to do whatever I want to do. And I am going to start right away from next week!!