My morning off. Feelings. SoulCollage®. Dinner with Dorota. Drawing the line

Yesterday, Dorota had said something that had made me think. She asked me: “Where is the space for grace?“. And its true, I am doing so many different things, as usual I might add, that there is no room for any surprises. So I decided to give myself some room for grace and took the morning off.

But it wasn’t all beautiful and graceful. When I had finally made it to Findhorn beach, my emotions came and all those feelings from the past few days poured out of me in a conversation that I had, well some might say, with my self, some might say with God, some might say with the Divine, or some might just say… Tears run down my face, I was clinging on to a stone I had found on the beach and pressed it as hard as I could. At some stage I will start to record those conversations. I don’t even remember exactly what was said, but it was all about living, dying, fearing, trusting, creating…

Anyway the morning was good for my soul and I decided to have some lunch in the CC to nourish also my body. Afterwards I went shopping as you saw and then I did some SoulCollage® with Barbara. It was lovely. We just talked and talked and talked and – I suddenly though “Oh my God” – I had forgotten to pick up the kids from school. I rushed out, drove off and the phone rung. I saw the number of the head teacher, answered the phone and just said “I am on my way.

Anyway when they were with me at Barbara’s, Lara also started to make a card and Alina just played the piano. As usual everybody finished their card – but me. Typical. But I found some beautiful images, and I will make some amazing card with them.

Around 5 pm we went home, the girls started their homework and I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for us and Dorota, who we had invited. I prepared a mainly Cullerne Garden dinner with pink potatoes and broad beans, with kale, chard, parsley and courgette and for a change some chicken wings. Dorota brought a very unreasonable chocolate fudge cake which went into the microwave for a bit and then tasted heavenly.

After dinner Dorota showed me her house in the high street which is currently being renovated.

Just before getting to bed I got cross with the girls. With Alina because I feel she doesn’t put enough effort into her homework and with Lara for scratching an old wound open again.  I was so angry that I just said “Good night” and left.