Oban – Glasgow – Forres 483 km

We woke up in the youth hostel in Oban in our separate dorms :-). I got up, went downstairs and completed the blog from yesterday. I am telling you, the WiFi we had in the youth hostel was so slow, that it took me hours to do the things.

Finally around 9 am we were done with everything. We had initially planned to have a walk through Oban. But than again, all the shops would only open at 10 am and then our trip back was getting dangerously tide with our planning, so that we decided to skip the shopping extravagance and instead take the longer more scenic route back to Glasgow.

And the route was scenic but also long, very long. Altogether we drove today 483 km. We did see some beautiful countryside but if I had to choose, I would choose the North or the North East of Scotland.

But there were a few highlights. This sign for example made us smile and Stéphane work 🙂DSC_0262

And then I found my dream hotel DSC_0267. If Stéphane and I are still married in 2022, which will be our 10 years wedding anniversary (are you reading this darling :-), I am expecting the full Pretty Woman treatment including

  • the red dress – just a few sizes bigger please and
  • the jewelry – but instead of it only being on loan, I get to keep it
  • being picked up by a limousineDSC_0266
  • being flown out from Bern to Glasgow
  • being brought to the hotel by helicopter – since there is a place for landing we might as well use it
  • anloch-melfort-hotel-arduaine-nr-oban_161020091020180056 elaborate meal in the dining room and
  • at least 5 nights in on of the rooms with a view to die for

    Cedra wing blacony 2012
    Cedra wing blacony 2012

… and then we can com back – maybe

But seriously, this hotel is amazing. The rooms have windows from floor to ceiling and you just have this view. Regardless of the season it will be beautiful and just ever so slightly expensive.

Another highlight were these graveslabs in Kilmartin.DSC_0269

But apart from that there were just too many kilometers. And the last 30 minutes were really difficult. The road was winding, and Stéphane pushed the car to arrive resulting in both girls feeling sick so we played a game to change their minds.

I pack my suitcase – Ich packe in meinen Koffer

  • das Alphabet
  • ein Bett
  • Céline
  • einen dummen Dino
  • einen eckligen Egel
  • ein Fahrrad
  • ein Google Maps
  • eine hilflose Helen
  • einen Igel
  • einen jadgfreudigen Jaguar
  • eine klumpfüssige Kröte
  • eine lila angemalte Lara
  • eine mittelalterliche Mama
  • einen nigelnagelneuen Notenständer
  • den Osten
  • einen pupsenden Papa
  • eine quirlige Quasselstrippe
  • ein rostiges Rohr
  • einen sonnigen Sandstrand – und voilà angekommen.


Again united and just before the girls let go of a greeting to their friend Cynthia