Our first week of 52 weeks is already over. Where did it go? It feels already like we have been here for ages.

Today Alina, Lara and I cycled from Forres to Cullerne Garden at Findhorn Foundation. It is the most beautiful 30 minutes ride you can imagine. You see the sea, you see farms, cows, horses and a few cars. When we arrived at Cullerne we looked for the vocaliser. That’s the way a team leader is called at the Foundation. We introduced ourselves and the amazing thing is we can come and volunteer, whenever we want: either in the morning or in the afternoon, or both… its up to us. So as of tomorrow there is no sleeping in anymore. We will get up earlier, have breakfast, cycle there, work until lunch, eat our ready prepared sandwiches, work the afternoon shift, cycle home, eat dinner, go to bed. Well, that’s the plan. Let’s see what the motivation is like when it rains the first time.

Anyway in the afternoon we went back to the community center where the girls played Badminton. Well, it will be Badminton, when they’ve actually learnt how to play. On the way I met Ray. Ray is the guy who runs the Community Café, which is actually looking for volunteers. The Community Center is right opposite the school, so when the girls go to school, I could drop them off and pick them up on my way to ‘work’. We talked for a while. He is over 70 years old, started this project only last year and is hoping to push it forward, so that he can change his will and know that when he dies, all his savings will go to a good cause. This is actually what he said. His passion is to support people with physical, hidden and learning disabilities in Forres. Well, he gave me an application form. It is the first one in over 10 years I will fill out. Ray is an inspiring man and I would really like to work for him.

James, our flatmate, was working in the kitchen at Findhorn Foundation tonight and invited us for dinner. So after one year we had yet again a community dinner. It was nice and at the same time strange. I kept looking around, but didn’t recognize anybody. One guy recognized Stéphane, but Stéphane didn’t recognize him. After dinner when the kitchen cleaning team was called for, I volunteered and helped to clean up. Because of that we were still there, when Angela, the kids vocaliser from last years Family Experience Week, walked in. It was so nice to see her again. And we kept wondering, if James had not cooked for us last year already, but we just aren’t sure.

Now this wonderful day is coming to a closure and I will be looking forward to a new routine tomorrow morning with the first shift at Cullerne Garden.