Wild Things. Bookkeeping. Parenting.

Did you know that it might take 1 million years for a plastic bottle to degrade? Scary. Conservation was today the topic of the morning with the Wild Thing charity in Alina’s class. We went again into the local community wood and learned some interesting facts about litter.waste-timeline

The team had brought a rope to make a timeline. All the kids were given litter: paper, cardboard, cotton, glass bottle, plastic bottle, tins, coke cans, crisp bags, a piece of ion, some building material etc.  They had to work out, how long it might take for those things to degrade. Afterwards we went through the woods to pick up litter.


This was the result after about 30 minutes. At the beginning we didn’t find much. But then we came to a picknick area and there was an unbelievable amount of litter – not IN the bins but in the bushes. I don’t remember how many glass bottles we picked up there. The kids loved it. It gave them a great feeling of doing something for nature since they had played a game showing them the correlation between endangered species, pollution – global warming – over hunting – HUMAN  and conservation work – recycling. I loved those 3R

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

After I had dropped the class off at their school I went to Ray’s Opportunities to have a look at – yes, you guested right – at some more bookkeeping. I didn’t stay long there because I can work better at home where I can really spread all the stuff.

When the girls came home from school there was a lot of energy  around doing homework, which homework and where. Alina started on a poster on today’s outing in the forest, which will be finished tomorrow. Lara was doing something else. At night, she keeps coming and says she is worried about the future. So I thought I let her draw up the future. She is making a poster imagining her life when she is 20, 30, 40 and so on. Today she started on the first.

Then as a treat for all of us, when had dinner in the CC, met some people, talked a bit before we left. But before we went home, I quickly drove to the beach in Findhorn. The sky was beautiful and because it was quite cold we didn’t stay long, but long enough to breath in the beauty of this area.


Dinner in the CC – I’d wish the photographer had put his finger somewhere else