Epilogue to Day 72

Yesterday I wrote about my experience with the acupuncturist and this morning when I opened my email I found this in my inbox. When such an example of synchronicity happens, I always find it absolutely amazing. So what needs balancing, well I know it. Do you too?


Cullerne Garden. Quiet Garden. Miracle Choice Game. SoulCollage®

So much soul-searching I haven’t done in a while in a day. It started off this morning by cycling into Cullerne Garden. The weather was beautiful and I reminded myself how very lucky I am to call this “my way to work“. How many people have this privilege? Not many that’s for sure. And even the morning was a calm meditation for me. I was working in the polytunnel badger and was trimming the tomato plants and since there was nobody to do it with me, I was having the whole time a conversation with myself, which is in itself ok but I wouldn’t have wanted to continue the afternoon that way. I do need more human contact than that.

Then after the shift I toDSC_0210[1]ok the advice of my acupuncturist and went to the quiet garden in the Park, lay down on one of the benches and closed my eyes for a few minutes and this is the view I had when I opened my eyes again. Pretty nice!

And then for the first time since we arrived here in Findhorn, I had some quite time with Dorota, our landlady. And she invited me to play the Miracle Choice game with her. Now this game is similar to the Transformation Game, that was developed in Findhorn, but it is much simpler to play and it takes less time. The founder of the game, James Kelly, suggests that each player needs about 30 minutes, so for two players we could do it in an hour.

At the beginning of the game there is a meditation. And although I had thought I knew what my intention for the game was, after the meditation I changed my mind and found myself writing these words down: My intention is to lovingly accept myself and life. DSC_0211[1]Then it is like any other board game with a dice. Already after the first throw I found myself on a miracle, than had a body card followed by another miracle, a choice and finished at the real world.

The goal is always to bring the cards in connection with the intention. With my first miracle card I found that rather difficult.  I think I need to reflect a bit longer on those cards before I fully understand what they mean to me in that context.

When I was home I say this on Louise Hay’s facebook page. There is definitely some synchronicity.11988300_10153721203289750_6148453559493403560_n

But the whole experience made me want to stay calm and reflective. So I decided not to go back to work in the garden but to use the rest of the afternoon to make a SoulCollage® card. And since the sky looked a bit grim, I gave Stéphane a call to come and pick me up from the park. Back home I sat down and made a card and a second one is in progress.


Tonight at the beach around Findhorn